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Electronic Software Distribution Platform

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Easy & Simple Electronic Software Distribution Platform

With the demand and growth of the software-as-a service a digital distribution platform is now a must for resellers and distributors.
PortalRoot platform help you deliver to resellers and end-customers software’s in a push of a button and in seconds. The platform is a complete system that offers an electronic catalogue, orchestrator, provisioning and operation management for electronic software distribution.

Our Features

PortalRoot ESD


  • Reseller Self-Registration
  • Ready for Major ESD Software Subscriptions




  • Program & Products Reseller details
  • Product & Pricing Management




  • Reseller Ordering management
  • Reseller customized pricing

Reseller Subscription

  • One time & recurring ordering
  • Email management to end-customer or reseller


  • Monthly or per order distributor billing
  • Returns and Reconciliation management


  • Fully automated with supplier via integration
  • Operation management

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